Libby Hall on her new role at Salford Arts Theatre 

"I’m truly honoured to have this fantastic opportunity to be writer in residence at salford arts theatre. The theatres unwavering support has given me so much confidence and I’m beyond excited to continue working with them to bring theatre to the people of Salford."

Libby Hall is a talented 17 yr old from Salford who in 2018 wrote her first play which debuted at Salford Arts Theatre part the the Great Manchester Fringe Festival in 2018 

Libby Won Best Newcomer at the Greater Manchester Fringe Festival 2018

The cast of 11 aged between 11 - 16yrs old Won Best Ensemble 

Thing We Tell The Hours After Midnight By Libby Hall


Review *****

"Gripping, thought provoking piece of theatre"

"Hall doesn't shy away from hard hitting topics faced by teenagers living in the mordern world; homophobia, islamophobia, terrorism, self harm, online trolls - it's all included"

"A standing ovation well and truly deserved"

Just announced  - Another Award scooped by Libby 

Salford Star Best Drama  - For her debut play Things We Tell The Hours After Midnight

Libby Hall write her 2nd play which will debut at The Greater Manchester 

Salford Arts Theatre