Salford Arts Theatre is available to hire for productions, rehearsals, meetings, community events and much more...


The Fourth Wall Bar is an intimate space suitable for small gatherings such as press launches, play readings, meetings or parties.  The space can accommodate performances such as spoken word, acoustic performances ...  We also offer artists gallery space to showcase their work. For events booked we offer a competitive price on refreshments, including hot and cold buffets.



Salford Arts Theatre performance space is available for rehearsals or workshops during the day or evening. The space can be booked for a minimum of 2 hours we also offer a daily and weekly rate.


We can provide drinks, snacks, sandwiches and bar facilities - Fully staffed



Salford Arts Theatre performance spaces seats 112 with an option of an extra row (124) audience friendly, flexible with technical facilities, sound and lighting.  We offer a set fee and split rate option.



All above subject to availability and programming, please contact us for details or 0161 925 0111


Salford Arts Theatre